How to Choose your migration agent or lawyer in Perth: You run the risk of working with a migration visa specialist who lacks expertise, even if qualifications and theory are crucial in any field.

What should you look for?

Check with the MARN office

It is possible to verify the migration’s registration status by looking up the agent number with the relevant agency.

Experience is not the most important aspect; check when qualified. Working for another migration agency or migration lawyer is a great way for many individuals to get experience in the field.

So have a few questions and answers

  • When did they qualify?
  • How many years have they been practicing?
  • How many clients do they deal with each month?
  • What is their area of specialism? Students, skilled work visa, partner visas, marriage visas and so on.

When do you pay?

Do not pay the visa application fee in advance unless instructed to do so. Payment is due upon visa lodgement.

What should a migration agent charge?

What is the situation regarding Migration Lawyers

Australian legal practitioners will no longer be required to be registered migration agents in order to provide immigration help starting on July 1, 2018, two months from now.

Being on the MARN register has marketing benefits, thus most layers who are already members want to stay on.

As an example, there is a fantastic resource for those looking to immigrate, where they may learn about migration agents.

Visit the MARN website for more information on the organisation and guidance on selecting a migration agent in Australia. You should check out this webpage before deciding on a migration agency since it is very helpful.