Hospital jobs in Southern Perth Metropolitan Zone

Main Hospital

This zone includes Armadale’s hospital, Fiona Stanley hospital, Fremantle hospital, Rockingham hospital and Mandurah Hospital.
Some of these hospital offer excellent work location and the surrounding areas offer affordable housing and a great lifestyle.

Armadale hospital

Armadale hospital is set in the town of Armadale, this town nestles close to the Darling Ranges which offer pleasant walks cool summer breezes, forests, and waterfall and also there is plenty of Australia wildlife in the woods. The town itself is self-contained and offers, shopping facilities as well as some exceptional restaurants and cafes.
Armadale is also a commuter town and is linked to Perth CBD by a suburban railway line. Childcare, primary and secondary education is available locally.

Fiona Stanley hospital

Fiona Stanley hospital was opened recently and has taken over the role of Fremantle hospital, it is located on the Kwinana freeway to provide medical services to the South Perth region as well as the Peel region.
The hospital can be easily reached by bus, car or train. There is easy access to Perth and Northbridge and also affordable housing in cities like Rockingham and Mandurah.
The area abounds with education facilities as well as easy access to trendy Fremantle.

Fremantle hospital

Fremantle hospital has now become a non-emergency hospital and is fully functioning, it has a strong training reputation. It is located in the heart of Fremantle which is a bit pricey in term of renting, however, there is cheaper housing available in the suburbs like Hamilton, Spearwood and Hamilton hill.
Fremantle has a University as well as excellent child care, excellent primary schools plus the new Fremantle College which is a high school.

Rockingham hospital

Rockingham hospital provides emergency and general medical care to the city of Rockingham and surrounding suburbs, for anything significant in term of medical care Fiona Stanley is only 30 minutes away.
There are child care facilities, primary schools, and secondary schools in the area.
Rockingham has a foreshore with beautiful beaches, restaurants, and cafes. If you like fishing and sailing, then come and work in the medical sector in Rockingham.

Mandurah hospital

Mandurah hospital is a small hospital serving the local community, there is an aging community in Mandurah so plenty of opportunities for the healthcare professional.
Mandurah has a fabulous lifestyle with cafes and restaurants offering international cuisine, Mandurah is also one of the fastest growing cities in WA.
Recently the largest shopping center in WA opened, its called The Mandurah Forum and with over 300 shops and restaurants.
Mandurah is connected to Perth and the South by Kwinana freeway, and also has a suburban railway to Perth connecting Rockingham, Kwinana, Murdoc to Perth CBD.