Highest Paying Jobs In Melbourne

Melbourne is a great city to live and work at, and the current economy is great for finding jobs. It is not only an important financial centre in Australia but also is the second-largest industrial centre. If you are looking for a high paying job in Melbourne, you may want to consider these careers.

Air Transport

To become an air transport professional, you will need to go through quite a lot of training, but you will see yourself making anywhere from $36K to $120K. Melbourne is also a great place to jumpstart your career because tourism is an important role in the economy, and there will always be both domestic and international flights.

ICT Professional

Becoming an ICT professional can launch into a high salary of anywhere from $45K to $140K. Much of this job is not about what education you have, but about your skills. Melbourne has a booming ICT industry and accounts for one-third of Australia’s ICT workforce with over 60,000 people.


Becoming an entrepreneur can seem daunting at first; however, the potential salary is up to yourself. Having a good business mind is the key over any formal education. Melbourne is an excellent place to start out as you will be able to reach out to larger companies for support. Two of the four major banks in Australia are headquartered in Melbourne, as well as countless manufacturing firms.

Construction Worker

Even though this is an extremely physically demanding job and not for everyone, construction workers in Melbourne can make a good salary from $48K to $110K. This will often depend on timing and what area of construction. However, if you are dedicated, you will see rewards in this work.

Melbourne is an extremely expensive city to live in, and you will do well to look for a job that offers high financial rewards. Determine what skills you will be able to offer and start searching for your ideal job!