Health Insurance Cover for New Migrants, TSS visa holders and Student

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Australia require requires Health Cover Insurance to be in place for overseas workers who have valid work visa, their families and also people on Student visas.

You need to ensure you have full cover for mishaps relating to your health, if you do not have a comprehensive insurance cover for you and your family.

Common errors when choosing your insurance policy.

1) Always looking for the basic cover

Make sure you cover includes Ambulance cover, critical illness cover, accident cover, A basic cover may not do the job you want a comprehensive policy.

2) Caring for Money over Coverage

Make sure you do not miss a medical condition when choosing a policy. Have peace of mind that you are covered, you stay in Australia could be an expensive experience.

There is a saying penny wise pound foolish

3) Read the policy carefully.  

Check the fine print, there are many pit falls, do not trust the insurance company check the details yourself. There is always a safe guard period where you can change your mind.

 4) Check out all the insurer you can. And be confident about changing to a new insurer.  

Check out your insurer, do not hesitate to change your insurance company

5) Declare the who truth and nothing but the Truth about your health 

Always tell the truth to your insurer or you could find you do not have an insurance policy that gives you protection when you most need it. Fine print clause can often exclude exiting medical conditions if they are not declared in the application.

6) Delay in renewing the insurance policy is fatal.

You policy is void the moment it expires, it is for you to make sure you policy is valid and all payments due are made on time. Once your policy is insured you are simple not insured.

General advice regarding insurance during you stay in Australia.


Get at least 3 quotes, and talk to the company regarding you policy. Make sure you know what your insurance policy covers. Do not be nervous about grilling the Insurance companies. Do not just accept the insurance company recommended by your employer or migration agent, they could be on a kick back. Many health insurance companies offer incentives to be recommended by a migration or visa agent and run regular PR exercises with sales  representative visiting Migration agent bearing gifts.

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