Guide to Migrating to Mandurah: Mandurah is a one-hour journey from Perth via the Kwinana motorway and is also easily accessible via train. These depart every 15 minutes, and the journey to Perth takes approximately 45 minutes.

Mandurah the perfect place to live

Accommodation in Mandurah

Near Perth, some of the most affordable accommodation is located in Mandurah, where two-bedroom apartments are available for less than $250,000. The minimum weekly rent for a two-bedroom apartment is $220.

New, or constructed after 2000, condominiums featuring three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and three parking spaces are available for as little as $285K.

In addition to the recent construction of a new bridge and the establishment of the Mandurah Forum, the city of Mandurah is undergoing remarkable expansion; housing costs are beginning to level off.

Employment in Mandurah

Mandurah is a significant outer Perth suburb due to its proximity to Rockingham and Kwinana and the improvement in employment prospects.

Additionally, as a leading tourist destination in Western Australia, Mandurah features first-rate resort-style lodging and dining establishments, including hotels. As a result of the affluence that has flocked to the Hall head region, restaurants, wine bars, and taverns in the greater Mandurah area have provided superior service. Outside of Perth, perhaps the finest in Western Australia.

The recent expansion of Mandurah’s foreshore has become a significant draw for tourists and locals from Perth and the adjacent areas.

Day and weeklong houseboat rentals are available, in addition to daily porpoise excursions in Mandurah. The region is well-known for lobster fishing in addition to a variety of other fish species.

In addition to a number of public and private institutions, Mandurah is home to nursery garden services and has excellent primary schools. By road or rail, universities such as Murdoch are easily accessible. A recently constructed Fiona Stanley Hospital is located only 35 minutes from Mandurah, which also has a local medical facility.

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