Guide on Fiancé Visa for Australia: What is the fiancé visa for Australia? A subclass 300 visa, sometimes known as a “fiancé visa,” is a temporary visa. Within nine months of receiving the visa, you are able to marry your spouse in Australia. What follows the approval of your application for a spouse visa? Afterwards, if you want to get permanent residence in Australia, you may apply for the partner (onshore) visa.​

What are the requirements for the fiancé visa for Australia?

You must be:

  • Age requirement: 18 and over.
  • Be able to prove that your sponsor meets the qualifying criteria set forth by Australia or New Zealand, such as citizenship or permanent residence.
  • Would want to be married to your spouse before your visa runs out.
  • In order to apply for a visa, you and any members of your immediate family must be outside of Australia.
  • Are not going to be in the country when we decide on a temporary visa for you.
  • Travel to Australia for the purpose of determining your temporary visa.​

Guide on Fiancé Visa for Australia: What is the processing time?

The current visa application completion rates are 75% within 12 months and 90% within 17 months.​ You can also use the visa processing time guidance tool to get an idea of how long it will take to process this visa. Applying decisions made recently will have their processing times shown. Expecting it to be application-specific is unrealistic. This is only a hint.

To exclude applications affected by Ministerial Direction 80, processing time data does not include on-hand or new application processing times. The applications of those who were contacted and whose circumstances were impacted by this Ministerial Direction are now being processed.​

What is the cost of fiancé visa for Australia?

Most applicants may expect to pay a minimum of $7,850 AUD. There will be an additional fee if you include children in your application. Any required health and police checks will also be your responsibility to pay for.​