A Guide To Living In Warwick Queensland

Warwick is a town located in Queensland, Australia, and the closest city is Brisbane, which is around 130 kilometres away. The population as of 2011 is 13,376 but is slowly growing due to the high agricultural industry of surrounding towns.

Choosing to live in Warwick provides you with a pleasant lifestyle as there are all the needed facilities such as a shopping centre, grocery stores, and smaller shops. There are plenty of schools, from primary to secondary, and childcare facilities, making it an active place for families.

Many people will find Warwick a beautiful place to settle down because it has the perfect “country” feel to it while still being close enough to Brisbane to go into the city when needed. The closest larger city is Toowoomba, which is only one hour drive away. Toowoomba is the second largest city after Brisbane, and will have plenty to offer residents of Warwick.

Brisbane is just a two-hour drive away, and will offer cultural and social events that may be missing in Warwick. Driving long distances can be something to get used to, but is quite common in Australia.

The community, in general, is very involved in outdoor activities, and there is a very active lifestyle. From national parks to camping facilities, there will always be something to do and keep you busy. The nearby area also boasts wineries and vineyards for those looking for weekend activities.

Whether you are single or with a family, Warwick is a great place to move to as there will be plenty to do, the weather is lovely, and the lifestyle is relaxed and calm.