Sponsored by an employer in Australia

When migrating to Australia there are a number of things you have to consider about when planning all the aspects of your move. Where you will be living, getting a home, transport and of course a job. All these things are vital parts to moving but for you to enter the country you will need the correct visa.

Take the time to research your options and always seek professional advice when you are deciding on which visa to apply for. If you’re a skilled or have the necessary qualifications then you could be in line to receive what is called a Job Sponsorship.
What Is A Job Sponsorship?

Firstly you need to have a skill or qualification that would warrant you receiving the sponsorship in the first place. Before you look to apply for the jobs you should assess if your credentials meet those of the requirements for a Job Sponsorship.

This visa is specific for those who an Australian employer is looking to bring into its company permanently a highly skilled worker. These potential employees can either be:

• Highly skilled workers from overseas
• Highly skilled workers who currently have temporary residence in Australia

There is a list of the skilled occupations that you should check through to see if yours matches the criteria of the visa.
Other Visa Options

Job Sponsorship opens up to a number of visas that you can apply for with one of these being Employer Nomination Scheme. This scheme offers you the job sponsorship and the features included in this visa are that it for those skilled workers after a permanent residence. Under the following, this visa permits you to work in Australia:

• The Temporary Residence Transition stream
• The Direct Entry stream
• The Agreement stream

To receive an Employer Nomination Scheme visa you will have to be under the age of 50 but, exceptions may be made. Also, you must be nominated by an employer in Australia meet the skills, qualifications and English language requirements, unless you are exempt.

Applications have to be made by the individual’s nominated stream.