Gay-friendly Suburbs in Perth You Must Know:

The goal of migrating to Australia is becoming a reality for same-sex couples, thanks to the introduction of same-sex companion visas.

Same sex spousal visa was introduced in 9th December 2017

On December 9th, 2017, a new spouse visa category entered the market: same-sex. Many people believed that the partner visa procedure was often more difficult for homosexual couples than it was for same-sex couples before this. Equal rights for same-sex couples have finally arrived. Now that the Australian government’s stance on homosexual couples is clear, they may be asking where they may settle down in the country.

Thanks to its famous Mardi Gras celebration, Sydney has earned the reputation as Australia’s gayest city for quite some time. Unless you’re willing to live in a remote area, however, living in Sydney will cost you a pretty penny. If so, you could be more interested in a skilled migration route that focuses on rural areas or regions.

Another great option on the west coast is Perth. It has a thriving LGBT community in addition to being a contemporary metropolis with all the conveniences one could want. Perth also has several gay-friendly suburbs, so you and your loved ones won’t be the only ones. Suburbs of Perth are home to a multicultural population as well as other households headed by people of the same sex.

Gay-friendly Suburbs in Perth You Must Know

1) Mount Lawley

As a vibrant neighbourhood just outside of Perth, Mount Lawley is perfect for gay couples looking to make the city their home. Just a short distance from Perth’s central business district, this area is home to a plethora of wonderful pubs, hip stores, and gay clubs. Another fantastic place to go out for the night is the trendy Subiaco region, which is not far away.

2) Highgate

Highgate is another well-liked neighbourhood among Perth’s LGBT population. Highgate, a small inner neighbourhood of Perth, is located in Vincent city and is next to the river. Stylish Highgate is ideal for city dwellers who want to live close to restaurants and nightlife in neighbouring Northbridge and Mount Lawley, which are easily accessible on foot.

3) Maylands

Gay-friendly Suburbs in Perth You Must Know: Maylands, about 4.5 km north of Perth, is a kind and accepting neighbourhood with a strong LGBT population. Situated on the Swan River’s banks, getting to the heart of the city is a breeze.

Any one of these Perth neighbourhoods would be perfect for a homosexual couple or family looking to settle down. For more information about applying for a same-sex spouse visa, see a migration agency in Perth. You may get comprehensive help with your visa application from a migration agency.

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