Things To Do In Fremantle, Perth

The Port city of Fremantle, also known as ‘Freo’ is perhaps best identified for its maritime antiquities and of course its large prison built by convicts. However, as travellers to Perth will discover, the city offers a vibrant art and theatre scene  and so much more. Read on as we’ve rounded up some of the must-do activities  for travellers to Fremantle.

The Roundhouse

Big on historical value, the Roundhouse is Western Australia’s oldest structure that’s still standing. It’s also the first permanent structure to have been constructed in the 1830s, during the Swan River Colony. The best part about visiting the Roundhouse is the breathtaking view across Bathers Beach. Pay a visit to the tunnel under the Roundhouse opened by the Whaling Company in Fremantle.

Fremantle Prison

Don’t let its eerie surrounding be a put off as the Fremantle Prison’s surroundings are  among the state’s note worthy attractions. Built by convicts as a high-security prison, it was opened to the public in the 1990s. The tours take guests through its various chambers and the history behind the structure. It’s also the first to be included in the World Heritage List.

Fremantle Arts Centre

The Fremantle Arts Centre was not always about championing the arts. It actually started out as an asylum, but today it hosts various exhibitions, and promotes courses in music and art for tourists and locals. The centre itself has been preserved as a historical building which was also a naval base during two World Wars.

Cappuccino Strip

Situated between Fremantle’s South Terrace and Perry Street and just at the end of Bannister Street, is where the Cappuccino strip springs to life.  True to its name, the numerous outdoor bistros and cafes invite guests to sample some amazing wines from the region or locally produced beer to other hot or cold beverages. The strip will take guests straight to the Fremantle Markets and also a strip designated for street performers. The strip’s pop up installations have offered many artists a platform to perform and gain recognition, those include the Bad Piper and John Butler.