Foreign Students Welcome in Australia

Australia is one of the top countries in the world when it comes to education. With state of the art universities and 4 of its major universities ranking high up the list  in the World’s top universities, a study abroad year or whole degree in Australia is an attractive opportunity for foreign students.

Applying for a Student Visa for Australia

For overseas students wanting to study in Australia then next port of call is obtaining a student visa for Australia. Contacting a registered migration agent is a good idea should you be applying for a student visa from countries such as India, Pakistan, Indonesia or Russia. A registered migration agent can help guide you through the student visa application process and ensure you have all your relevant paperwork in order. But hold your horses! Before you can apply for a student visa for Australia you must be offered a place at an Australian university. So apply for a full time course first before lodging your student visa application.

Where to study in Australia

So, you want to study in Australia as an overseas student? Well, it’s a big country so you’ll need to have a think about what you are after out of the experience. Perth, Western Australia offers tons of great weather, sunshine, beaches and a modern city. And of course it has 5 universities offering a vast array of courses. Speaking with a Perth Migration Agent will help you lodge your student visa application.

Brisbane also offers a great overseas student experience. Again you can expect some fabulous Aussie weather as well as it being home to the University of Queensland which is a world ranked university. Brisbane is also one of the most affordable study abroad destinations – just slightly cheaper than Perth.

Sydney and Melbourne are both popular destinations for foreigners. These cities are much busier and have much more changeable weather. As these cities are so well known they also come with quite a hefty price tag.


The best thing to do before deciding on which city to study in is weigh up all your day to day costs and more importantly choose a course to study that will enrich your life.

Apply for Student Visas Australia

Apply for courses in Australia today and contact a registered migration agent once you’ve been offered a place.