Five Day trips from Perth

If you are staying in a Perth or live in Perth, then these trips will add to your Perth experience. Cab hire Perth will pick you up and stay with you if necessary and bring you safely back home.

Visit Perth Zoo

1) Perth Zoo is in south Perth you can either catch a cab or hop on the ferry across the river swan. There is also a bus service.
The Zoo has most Australian wildlife as well as more exotic animals from Africa and Asia.


2) The Fremantle is no longer used as a Prison, it is still an atmospheric building, you can feel the prison-like atmosphere, visit death row, and the guides are helpful, and the experience is never forgotten. There are several museums including the Maritime Museum the army museum, the Western Australian Shipwrecks Museum, and the Army museum. There are many international restaurants where you can enjoy a meal from Asia or Europe and relax at the fishing boats in Fremantle Harbour.

Serpentine Falls

3) The falls are less than an hour and a half drive from Perth, these falls are located at an ancient Aboriginal meeting place in the Darling Range, there are many walks from the car park including one to view the Serpentine falls, take your food and refreshment with you as there are no shops or cafes. There are however barbeques so you can have a sausage sizzle and clean toilets. Kangaroos often visit. In the summer you will see many people swimming in the pool, this is not recommended by the rangers as it can be dangerous and there is no supervision you if there is a problem you will be on your own.

Kings Park and the Botanical Gardens

4) This park is well worth a visit, the tree and bushes in the park reflect the plants from most of Western Australia, there are several long walks interspersed by cafes and areas to sit and reflect. From the hilltop in the park, there are magnificent views of the Swan River and the canning river and the Perth hills. There are several play areas for younger people including Rio Tinto Naturescape, this is a place where one can appreciate the unique Western Australian environment. You and your friends and family can spend a whole day here enjoying a picnic and explore.

Margaret River

5) Visit Margaret River, It has lovely quaint restaurants, pubs, and cafes and a Western Australia country town atmosphere.
This town derives its atmosphere from various cultures you can sample elegant wines, deep caves, and forest with the tallest trees you have ever seen. You will see amazing beaches with some of the best surf waves in Australia. If you are lucky, you will see the Kangaroos and dolphins. You can walk the beautiful beaches and breath in the pure sea air.

What is the best way to visit these places?

Hire a car
Or use a private driver hire vehicle
Use a day trip tour company

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