Expats in Brisbane – Why migrants Are Choosing Brisbane

Brisbane – capital city of Queensland

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Also known as the Sunshine State is one of the most popular cities for foreigners looking to relocate to.

Yes, Sydney is world renowned for its landmark buildings and globally recognized events but is it sunny most of the year round… NO!

Melbourne too is popular for its arts and culture, but did you know that Brisbane also has galleries and plenty of stunning parkland? Not to mention the Brisbane River winding its way through the picturesque city.

So, why are so many foreigners picking Brisbane over Sydney and Melbourne?

Brisbane benefits from being in Queensland – Australia’s tourism capital which means there’s a great economy as well as stunning things to see and do right on your doorstep!

All this makes it popular with international students, expat families, investors and professionals meaning the economy is ever growing.

What’s the weather like in Brisbane?

With 283 days of sunshine (on average) it’s possibly THE sunniest city in the whole of Australia. So, for those moving for the fantastic Aussie weather… Brisbane makes for an excellent choice.

Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast Distance From Brisbane

Brisbane benefits from being in an excellent location just 45 minutes away from the legendary Gold Coast. You’ve probably seen postcards of the city lapping the beach – the rumours are true! So, those moving to Brisbane can expect award winning beaches just down the road.

The other benefit of Brisbane is that it’s only an hours flight to Sydney. So if you’re a professional who needs to get in and out of Sydney easily, Brisbane is an excellent choice.

Employment opportunities in Brisbane

As a bustling metropolis, Brisbane has job opportunities across most industries. From corporate positions in banking, investment and law to Medical jobs, Tech and Education, you may well find a skilled migration path a good way to securing your visa for Australia. Due to the booming tourism industry in Queensland there are also jobs in that sector as well as hospitality jobs in Brisbane.

Overseas Students in Brisbane

When it comes to studying in Brisbane, international students have a wealth of universities to choose from. Some of the top universities in Brisbane include the University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology and Griffith Uni.

For families, there are also lots of fantastic primary and secondary schools to choose from in Brisbane in both the private, public and Catholic arenas.

Brisbane-based Migration Agent

For foreigners looking to move to Brisbane speak to a Brisbane-based migration agent to find out which visa path is the best for you.

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