Australian to have English tests for refugees, what next?

An English test for all permanent migrants proposed by the current right-wing Australian government led by Mr. Turnbull.

The idea is to make Australia even more multicultural friendly.

The aim would be to make people take a spoken English language test deemed to be acceptable if the applicant can pass spoken English at the Primary school level. It’s not clear that the exam will look at the standard for a five-year-old primary school student.

Waste of tax payer’s money for sure. Most migrants are keen that they and their families learn to speak well in English. History has shown us that children of migrants often do better at school than non-migrant citizens.
So is this proposal designed to keep people like Pauline Hanson happy?
There is a danger that this proposal will create two kinds of Australian, and lead to ethnic strife.
This proposal is expected to be opposed by Australians Labour, migration groups, and Green parties.
The present government is determined to bring in English testing for new citizens, not just the person who may have skills Australia needs.
It is essential that new migrants and their families learn English as soon as possible, it may be a good idea to make English training freely available to both Australian and migrants, many Australian could not pass the current citizen test.

Are the questions?

Should the Australian citizen test have input from Australians of mixed heritage, e.g., First Australians, Italian Australians, Greeks Australians, Turkish Australians , Lebanese Australians, Indians Australian, and Chinese Australians  and other minorities as well as people who come from English speaking countries?

How do we decide who an Australian?

Will this policy deter people to make Australia home as some applicants may feel humiliated by such treatment?