East Coast vs West Coast – Where to move in Australia

East Coast vs West Coast – Where to move in Australia. A hot topic of debate that often arises when the subject of moving to Australia is broached is the question of East verses West. Which to choose? The truth is that it’s ultimately a matter of preference; both offer their own advantages to those seeking to move to Australia.

East Coast

The east coast is renowned for cities such as Sydney with its gorgeous beaches and the lifestyle that goes along with that. The east coast of Australia is very sunny but does also have its fair share of rain as well. As well as its surf culture, the other main attraction of the East Coast is the highly esteemed restaurants and fantastic bars and coffee shops.

As well as Sydney, the East Coast is also known for the Gold Coast and Brisbane. Each of these three cities has their own distinct characteristics and personalities whether you are looking for corporate work, or beach culture.

In general, the East Coast of Australia is more populated and is also highly frequented by tourists. But if you’re purely looking to experience life in another city, then the East Coast could just be the ticket for you as you take in what Sydney, the Gold Coast and Brisbane have to offer.

West Coast

As well as Perth, the capital of Western Australia, the West Coast is also well known for its neighbouring Fremantle, which is a port city famed for its 19th Century architecture. The West Coast is far less populated than the East Coast. Perth is also renowned for being the most isolated capital city in the world. As such, there is perhaps slightly less urban variety than there is on the East Coast. However Perth is surrounded by family friendly suburbs, that have some solid dining experiences, and again, a brilliant array of coffee shops.

Due to its positioning, another key aspect to choosing to live in the West Coast is that you can cut your flight time back to the UK and Europe in half, meaning friends and family can visit much more easily – and what’s more – you can reach Indonesia with ease for an easy holiday.

Due to its remoteness the West Coast may tend to have more skilled visa opportunities for migrants. Not to mention the beautiful coast lines, warm climate, miles of beaches, and wonderful opportunities to visit places such as the famed wine region, Margaret River, and the incredible Northern areas of Broome and Cable Beach.

The Perth lifestyle is generally more laid back and you can enjoy a great deal of beach culture making it a wonderful place to settle down if you’re thinking of moving to Australia.

East Coast vs West Coast – Where to move in Australia