Is Mr Peter Dutton being impartial?

Are recent events to throughout the prime minister of Australia from the leadership of the Australia liberal government unAustralian?

Should we be concerned when a MP has to leaves parliament due to harassment and bullying?

Is this a storm in a tea cup?

A storm is in the making in Australia as the man who has nearly destroyed the liberal party in now involved in a media storm. In a democracy, there can only be one rule of law that applies to all the citizens and visitors.

How can it be humanitarian to let a Au pair into Australian against the advise of professional border control officers when women and children are left stranded in of shore detention centers?

A democracy without the rule of law is no democracy.

It should not be possible in Australia for important people to gain access to ministers whilst many people with good humanitarian claims wait for judgement for many years.

‘A form of madness’

What does the Guardian say?