In Demand Skilled Jobs In Australia

If you’re migrating to Australia for work then you will need to have a specific skill set that will allow you to obtain a Skilled Work Visa. But, there are several industries in Australia that are crying out for highly skilled workers. This means that there are many opportunities for people making the move down under to find employment.

Below we take a look at these industries that have great working opportunities due to their respective growth.

Healthcare and Community Services

In a period of five years until 2013, there was an increase of 28% of demand from the health sector and this is expected to grow by a further 17% until 2017. Don’t be stuck thinking that healthcare will only leave you within the Aged Care and Disability care. This area of work opens up further to other positions in healthcare and community services. The employment demand for this type of service look beyond nursing, disability care workers and GPs. If you have skills in rehabilitation and care you could look into roles in physiotherapy, podiatry and other similar professions. In the five years to September 2013, jobs demand in the health sector grew by 28%, and forecast to grow by a further 18% by 2017.

In Demand Skilled Jobs In Australia.

There are many fields to choose from.


If you’re looking to go into an analytical role then there are always opportunities in this type of field in Australia. In 2014 it was expected that ICT skilled positions would grow by 7% offering more jobs to those hoping to go into this type of employment. In regards to Data focused jobs over a more medium term time frame would expect to experience a very high growth. These positons would involve Data Miners, Data Scientists, Linkage Specialists and Specialist Coders.

Digital Media & Marketing

These industries are growing in Australia but, the employers are now looking at specific requirements for digital media and marketing hopefuls. As a majority of consumers are heading online or to their mobile devices to conduct their shopping in Australia, there is an increase in demand for Digital Marketers.

Oil & Gas

If you have experience or are a specialist in either Oil or Gas then migrating to Australia may be the opportunity for you. With Deloitte predicting that the Gas Sector to be the “next wave” growth providing opportunity for Australians and Expats alike roles such as gas extraction, plant operators and some engineering disciplines will increasingly be very high in demand. There is a trend beginning to materialize as we observe the transition from the Mining Construction to Mining & Gas processes.

Accounting & Finance

In particular the Wealth Management and Superannuation. This financial year the Superannuation Funds industry was tipped to grow 40.5% and this has had an effect on demands for workers. Those in accounting as well as the senior financial planners are roles in the industry that are highly in demand. As business is normally conducted on an international scale these days, if you are multilingual this is an additional skill set that will benefit you when applying for a job in Accounting and finance.

Do keep in mind that there are other industries that are expected to see growth. Tourism in Australia is a big industry and with that Hospitality will also experience growth. These two sectors will offer great opportunities for workers. Also, the increase in residential construction will have a resulting demand for trades and labour, both important for the construction industry.