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John Curtin University

Curtin University a public university in Western Australia, it is the largest university in Western Australia with more than 50,000 students.

Curtin University is located on Kent St, Bentley WA 6102. Curtin University is situated in the south-east part of Perth and 15 mins drive from Perth CBD

Curtin University offers accommodation for students either on campus or off-campus. In the campus village, rooms are given according to what sector you are in at the University for Example they have apartments for undergraduate students and post-graduate students. If you are a foreign student then this would be a good place to stay as you begin your student life.

The price range for undergraduate students living on campus is $200 per week or less depending on the room, or its size.

The price range for post-graduate students (single) is relatively high compared to one of the undergraduate students it is $195-260 per week depending on different factors such as having your own entrance, the size of the room, cooking facility and bathroom arrangements.

The price range for the couples is high compared to the rest of the accommodation facilities. The cost range from $240-380 per week per couple depending on the type apartment and utilities available.

A wide range of off-campus accommodation is also made available near the University’s Bentley campus. The local suburbs near the University campus have a good supply of affordable accommodation for a student who wants to live out in the Australian community.

The Housing Advisory Service can help locate off-campus accommodation. A student can search for a room and even list a spare room if a housemate is needed.

The Curtin University website also has a comprehensive accommodation listing.

Gumtree, and flatmate are also useful websites depending on where one wants to live, for JC University suburbs like Victoria Park are Bentley are a good source of cheaper accommodation options.

Since the mining downturn many hostels in Perth and Northbridge now offer well priced long-term accommodation, many of these can be located on

Please check out the University website which has the most current information is also a good source of jobs and travel advice.