Critical Skills Sectors in Australia Migration agent Joondalup. The Australian Border Force (ABF) Commissioner has added several new categories of Travel Exemptions for critical work. It includes services for mining, supply chain logistics, and food production. The changes are effective immediately. Therefore it is possible for migrants to apply for a Travel Exemption to work in Australia under an expanded scope of Critical Skills and Sectors. 

Critical Skills for a Travel Exemption

Exemption categories for individuals with Critical Skills to support the supply of essential goods and services are  Medical technology, Critical infrastructure, Telecommunications, Engineering and mining, Supply chain logistics , Agricultural technology, Food production and Maritime industry.

Critical Sectors for a Travel Exemption

Exemption categories for individuals delivering services in Critical Sectors for Australia’s economic recovery, in cases where no Australian worker is available include Financial technology, Large scale manufacturing, Film and television production and Emerging technology

Other Travel Exemption Categories for Critical Work

* Travel at the invitation of the Australian Government or a State/Territory Government to assist with COVID-19 response

* Providing critical or specialist medical services, including air ambulance, medical evacuations and delivering critical medical supplies

* Travel for an entry that would otherwise be in Australia’s national interest, with support by an Australian or State/Territory Government     

 Applying for a Travel Exemption

Unfortunately, a significant number of Travel Exemption applications are being refused due to insufficient evidence in meeting the exemption criteria. Applicants must present a well-documented case with sufficient evidence for meeting the exemption criteria.  

Do I need to hold a visa before requesting a Travel Exemption for critical work? 

No – A person that meets the Critical Skills criteria can apply for a Travel Exemption first. A valid visa is  required to travel to Australia.

Government Recommence Visa Processing

The Government has recommenced visa processing for temporary and permanent migration, however delays are being experienced across the migration program. 

Critical Skills Sectors in Australia Migration agent Joondalup When to Apply for Travel Exemption

An exemption should generally be applied at least 4 weeks, before but not earlier  than 3 months, before planned travel. Urgent business travel will be considered inside this timeframe.

The Request Must Include:

Traveller details: name, DOB, visa type and number, passport number, proposed residential address and phone number in Australia

Reasons for travel: why your request should be considered for Commissioner discretion/exemption

Supporting statement: setting out how you meet one of the critical skills/critical sector grounds for exemption

Accompanying evidence: the request should be accompanied by supporting evidence, such as a letter from a business involved in the provision of critical goods and services, Australian Government or state and territory government authority advising why your travel is critical at this time.

Valid Visa

Individuals must hold a valid visa and an exemption from the Commissioner before they travel.

Migration Agent

Please do get in touch if you have any queries about visa and exemption requirements for critical work. Our Registered Migration Agents can advise on your eligibility and guide you through the process of preparing your evidence requirements.