Cost of Living in Burswood West Australia

Burswood is a suburb of Perth, Australia and is conveniently located very close to Perth’s Central Business District. It is an excellent place to live as it embodies the city spirit of Perth but also holds on to a more small suburb feel, allowing its residents to get the best of both worlds.

The cost of living in Burswood is similar to Perth, but overall, will be much cheaper. Especially with everyday items such as groceries and rent costs, living in Burswood will have its perks. For example, an average meal eating out will cost around AUD 21 in Burswood while, in Perth, there will be a much wider range of restaurants, costing anywhere from AUD 22 to AUD 100.

Rent and buying property will be much cheaper in the suburb, and is an excellent opportunity for both singles and families to afford a higher standard of living. For example, one bedroom apartment in the city centre of Perth could cost up to AUD 2,161 to rent. In Burswood, these prices will drop exponentially starting from AUD 600. Of course, it is different from living in the city, but the fifteen-minute drive from Burswood to Perth is quite doable.

The daily recommended budget for backpackers is around AUD 55, and for a higher-end tourist, AUD 125. Living in Burswood is slightly different as daily habits and budgets will vary depending on personal preference, however, this gives a good idea of around how much it will cost.

Burswood, Australia is an excellent option for those looking for a slightly cheaper option to Perth, but still being able to enjoy the cultural hub and events located in the city.