Cost of Living In Bendigo Victoria

Cost of Living In Bendigo Victoria. Bendigo is located in Victoria, Australia and is famous for its heritage streets, delicious food, and beautiful location. It is around 150 kilometres away from Melbourne but still holds its own as well. Bendigo is the fourth largest inland city in Australia and the fourth most populous city in the state.

The economy is largely a service economy and is seen to continue to grow throughout the years. It is mainly made up of tourism, commerce, education, manufacturing, gold mining, and farming and agriculture, so there are a number of job prospects.

Since it is a larger city in Australia, the cost of living in Bendigo will be relatively high. However, the standard of living will also be equally high. Different neighbourhoods will see a variety of prices, and the housing prices will continue to go up as Bendigo becomes an attractive location for people to live in. Any investment in property could provide you with a handsome return in the future, should you look to sell.

As of March 2015, the median cost of a house for purchase is AUD $371, 250. The monthly rent will be an average of around AUD 900. An apartment unit will be slightly cheaper at a median of AUD $306,750 to purchase, and to lease will be similar to the house price.

As it is only located around an hour away from Melbourne, there is an excellent train line that connects to the two cities, and prices will still be slightly cheaper than in Melbourne. On an average, costs of eating out in Bendigo will be lower than in Melbourne though this will widely depend on budget and lifestyle choices.

All in all, Bendigo is an excellent place to live in, and you will find the standard of living is good for both singles and families.