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Choosing a school in Perth

Education for many is a reason to move to Australia and Perth is a great place to live and learn.  In Australia, and Western Australia is no different, there are state schools, often called public schools, and private schools and choosing between the two is for some a challenge.

Free Education in Perth

Free Education is not always available to migrants coming into Perth and Western Australia. However, that is not to say it cannot be achieved as some visas and some jobs permit so. Finding the right school is the challenge and if one is not expecting free education than the choice is open and the task is easier. Here is a list of schools in Perth

New migrants to Perth

For most new arrivals, the first and most obvious choice of schooling for a child is private rather than state or public. This has higher guarantees of a place for a child and really does open up the choice of schools further. It is strange though, that many people who move to Perth who think private is the way to go soon find out that the local state school is actually preferred by locals.

Very often a choice of school dictates where  a person resides and moving to a residential area by a good school or school of your choice can have its pros and cons as it does all over the world. Good property near good schools often comes at a premium.

Schooling starts around the age of 5 in Australia and formal schooling from primary to the end of formal education looks like this:

  • a preparatory year before Year 1
  • primary schooling: 6 or 7 years – Years 1-6 or 1-7 (depending on state)
  • secondary schooling: 5 or 6 years – Years 7-12 or 8-12

Schooling is excellent in Australia and Perth has some of the best education in Australia. Finding the right school is made easier with a good migration agent and schools can be pretty much secured before arrival in Australia.  For a full guide to education in Western Australia the Department of Education website is a great place to start.

Do not leave schooling to the last minute, making schooling and the school you want to send your child or children to a part of where you live and how you wish to live can and will make a difference to your enjoyment of Perth.

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