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 Australian Migration Law

The Australian law dictates that all people entering Australia for employment purposes are required to apply for a temporary or permanent work visa. However, this process is not as simple as it sounds. There are strict criteria in place that applicants must adhere to. This is where the assistance of a registered Migration Agent can assist with your visa application.

Australian Visa Subclasses

There are an enormous number of visa sub classes which are ever changing when it comes to Australia’s immigration policies. The process of applying for visas can be exhausting and expensive. A Perth migration agent will be able to help you lodge your visa application so that you have a better chance at success.

Why Employ An Australian Migration Agent (MARA Approved)?

You can, of course, lodge your visa application without a migration agent, although if your visa application is refused it could be very costly to lodge another one. A migration agent will be able to advise of the best visa option for your own unique situation and assist in preparing the relevant paperwork.

  • Top reasons to employ a migration agent:
  • Receive ongoing help and support with your visa application
  • Get up to date and professional information and advice about Australian immigration
  • Manage and lodge your visa application
  • Liaise with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, Australian State or Territory Government agencies on your behalf.
  • Liaise with any necessary regional certifying bodies or skills assessment authorities that may be required for your visa application

The other benefit of dealing with a Perth migration agent is that they will be able to speak with you at a convenient time, especially if you are applying from the UK or Europe.

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