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The recent changes to the Parent Visa have reduced the financial pressure on sponsors.

The changes that came about as of 1st April 2018 by the Australian Government to the Parent Visa are now to be reversed. The changes that were in place, effectively doubled the financial requirements required of sponsors wanting to move their mothers or fathers to Australia via the Parent Visa path.

The changes did not require a bill to be granted and instead came about via a legislative instrument change with immediate effect.

Ex-pat communities massively opposed the changes to the Parent Visa and petitioned heavily to reverse the changes. This was not solely down to the massive financial implications on families, but also because there was no requirement in place to have to notify anyone affected by the changes – e.g. Parent Visa applicants, which is reported to be tens of thousands of migrants awaiting a Parent Visa for their family members.

Registered Migration Agent

If you have been affected by the changes to Parent Visas you should consult with a Registered Migration Agent. A Registered Migration Agent will be able to guide you through the process of lodging a Parent Visa application.

Things to know about Australia’s Parent Visa in 2018

Parents of Australian Citizens, Australian Permanent Residents and eligible New Zealand citizens can apply for a parent visa.

Another criteria is that at least half of your children must live in Australia – or more of your children must live in Australia than any other country.

The cost of the Parent Visa (subclass 103) start from $6010. Using the services of a Registered Migration Agent will add to this figure, however your application has more of a chance at being successful the first time you lodge it, meaning it could save you a considerable amount of money in the long run.

Speak with a Registered Migration Agent today to discuss your migration path to Australia and find the most suitable visa for your situation.