What is a Carer visa subclass 116  and what does one require to get one?

​This Carer visa subclass 116 is available to people who want to move to Australia to care for a relative living in  Australia who has a long-term or permanent medical condition or to assist a relative to provide care for a member of their family unit again the relative must have a long-term or permanent medical condition.

A Person might be eligible for this Carer visa subclass 116 for the following reasons

  • That you have a relative in Australia who needs assistance due to a long-term or permanent medical condition
  • Your relative has arranged an assessment with an appropriate medical authority
  • That there is no one else in Australia who can provide the care or assistance required
  • The Person providing the care must be willing and able to assist your relative
  • The person will need to be sponsored by the relative or their partner requiring the care. ​

This Carer visa subclass 116 is a permanent visa that allows a person and or any other member of their family who have been granted this visa to stay in Australia indefinitely as a Permanent resident. The Person can in due course become an Australian citizens if they choose to do so, they have to apply for citizenship as it’s not an automatic process.  The person who has been granted this Carer visa subclass 116 may travel to and from Australia as a permanent resident for five years from the date the visa was granted. At the end of this period the person will need to apply for another visa if he or she wish to return to Australia.

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