Can I Get a Work Visa in Australia if I am Over 55 Years Old? It’s true that there’s a mandatory upper age restriction of 44 for most Australian visas. Therefore, applicants aged 45 and older are automatically disqualified.

Still, people aged 45 and above have alternatives, some of which are outlined in this article. It’s true that the nation has a greater need for younger migrants. However, people over the age of 45 still have visa options to consider. And this is especially the case if they are coming to the country for investment or business.

So, Can I Get a Work Visa in Australia if I am Over 55 Years Old?

Below, we have compiled a comprehensive list of visa options that you should carefully consider in this particular case. It is crucial to explore all available avenues to ensure that you make an informed decision regarding your visa application. Hence, you must thoroughly examine each option. You can then weigh the pros and cons and select the visa that best suits your specific circumstances.

1. Distinguished Talent Visa, Subclass 124

The permanent visa option is definitely worth considering, especially for individuals who are over the age of 55. Do you possess a distinguished and widely acknowledged record of extraordinary and remarkable accomplishments? It must be in a field that is eligible for international recognition.

If you are interested in pursuing a visa that recognises and rewards exceptional talent, you may consider applying for the Distinguished Talent Visa. This visa application falls under the Subclass 124 category.

This visa offers a unique opportunity for individuals who possess extraordinary skills and abilities. Therefore, you can show your talents and contribute to the growth and development of Australia.

This visa allows you to:

  • Do both (Australian work and study)
  • Remain Down Under Indefinitely
  • Family sponsorship for Australian permanent residency
  • Submission of an Application for Australian Citizenship

To be eligible for this visa, you must be: 

  • When this visa is given, you must be outside of Australia.
  • Have a track record of remarkable and excellent success on a global scale (and maintain a prominent position) in one of the following fields:
    • Academia and research
    • A profession
    • A sport
    • The arts
  • A citizen or permanent resident of Australia, an eligible New Zealander, or an Australian body with a national reputation in your field of expertise must nominate you.

2. Business Innovation and Investment (provisional) Visa: Subclass 188

The ideal visa for experienced businesspeople and investors is this. Do you have a wealth of experience in the business world and possess a keen interest in investing in foreign markets? You can then apply for this visa. The investor comes with numerous benefits and opportunities. Therefore, investor visas have become increasingly popular among those seeking to expand their business ventures.

Applicants who are up to the age of 55 are eligible to enter Australia with the purpose of either commencing their own business venture or engaging in various Business Activities. 

Can I Get a Work Visa in Australia if I am Over 55 Years Old?: Basic Eligibility

  • Send in what’s called an expression of interest (EOI) via SkillSelect.
  • Nominated by an agency of the government of a State or territory or by Austrade
  • Invited to submit an application for the visa

Depending on the amount of your investment, there are several categories for this visa.

3. Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (TSS): Subclass 482

The Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (TSS) is a valuable tool for employers. It effectively tackles the issue of labour shortages within their organisations. This visa provides a solution by granting employers the ability to bring in skilled workers from overseas. 

However, it can happen only when employers are unable to find suitably qualified Australian workers to fill the required positions. 

The TSS visa serves as a bridge, connecting employers with the skilled workforce they need to maintain productivity and meet the demands of their businesses. So, if you are over 55 but have exceptional skills, this might be the route for you. 

This visa facilitates the recruitment of talented individuals from abroad. Hence, this visa category plays a crucial role in addressing the gaps in the local labour market.

How long can you stay? 

If an International Trade Obligation (ITO) exists, your stay might be extended to four years. People with valid Hong Kong passports are allowed to remain in the country for a maximum of five years.

There are several different categories that fall under this particular visa. If you’re looking for additional information, we highly recommend visiting the official web page. It serves as a comprehensive resource that can provide you with a wealth of knowledge on the subject matter you’re interested in.