If you want to own and manage an existing or possibly new business in Australia then this visa may be an option for you, this visa may also be suitable for someone wanting to invest in Australia.

To be eligible for this visa you need to be nominated by a state or territory government or Australian agency and are invited to apply by the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection.

​​​​In this article we look at industries which may be suitable for this type of investment in and around Perth in Western Australia.

We have Perth registered migration agent who have a deep knowledge of local industry and have many years of experience in handling the needs of clients who want to obtain a business Innovation and Investment ( Provisional ) visa ( subclass 188)

We can help you with your initial visit, make appointments to meet Perth banks, accountants, lawyers and commercial estate agents and business brokers. We have experienced marketing specialists who can assist you with local and international business issues and contacts.

We can help arrange your transport and accommodation and provide access to temporary office services whilst you explore the possibility of starting a business in Western Australia.

Western Australia is the nearest Australian State to the massive Asia markets just above Australia, Western Australia has specialist labour which has experience in the mining industry and also in industry supporting the mining sector.

Tourism is an important industry in Western Australia and especially important in Perth the state capital and the area south of Perth. Agriculture in Western Australia is wide spread, from the wheat belt to areas such as the Peel Region, Margaret River, Bunbury and Busselton, wine production in and around Perth and the South West is an important part of the Western Australian economy. There is a sizable fishing industry and the area around South of Perth, Henderson to be specific also supports the shipping industry.

There are many business opportunities in the North of Western Australia, from mining, agriculture, fishing and tourism. Our migration agent and business investment specialists have worked closely with business located in the North of Western Australia, and have hands on experience in such towns as Geraldton, Exmouth, Broome and Kununurra.

Whatever your need our Perth migration agent will help make the path to obtaining your Business Innovation and investment (Provisional) visa (subclass 188) easier.