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Jobs availability, climate and the housing market are major consideration for new migrants to Australia.

There are many reason for British national to migrate to Australia here is a summary of the major Australian capital cities.

  • Most often quoted reason is the beautiful Australian weather, mild in the South and tropical in the North. This is an important consideration in the end one must have a job to survive.

Weather roundup in Major Australian cities.

1) Sydney has warm summers with short very hot periods and cool and wet winters. The weather can change quickly in Sydney and its best to have a warm jacket with you even in the summer.

2) Melbourne hot sticky summers and cold wet winters, often a reminder of the weather in London and the South East of Britain. There is snow in the mountains and a ski industry.

3) Adelaide hot summers being close to the hot centre of Australia warm wet winter resulting in a strong wine producing industry.

4) Perth hot summers, and warm wet winters, in the south west there are some excellent vineyards. The north has two season wet and dry.

5) Darwin is dry from May to October and wet from November to April.

6) Brisbane’s cool months are May to August and the hot months are from August to April.

If you like British weather then Tasmania may be the place to make home.

  • Jobs in Australia

  1. Sydney is a busy city and the largest in Australia, it is constantly growing and certainly has a very large white collar sector, banking, finance, marketing, insurance, finance. There is also a busy construction sector. Health care, retail, Tourism and hospitality are also important and always require staff. Regional New South Wales has a strong farming sector and job for Agricultural specialise are always available based on Skills

2)   Melbourne, is the second largest city in Australia, and has many opportunities in term of work. The white collar        sector  is strong here and so is tourism and hospitality. The construction sector is a major employer for blue collar workers, the labour market is always hungry for trade skills (brick layers, carpenters, plumbers and electricians). There is also a strong agricultural sector in Victoria.

3) Adelaide is having a lean time of late as its mining industry has slowed due to the global mining recession. Adelaide manufacturing sector has also taken a knock. All vehicle manufacturing has now stopped. Adelaide is not a good place to head for right now, having said that there is a strong demand for health related jobs and the agricultural sector remain strong.

4) Perth is on its way to recovery, having suffered badly due to the mining industry slowdown it is on the mend, several infra structure projects and been  started in Perth. There is also a major gas project in the North which will need skilled workers in the near future. There are plenty of jobs in the hospitality industry as Western Australia builds its tourism sector.  Education is also strong industry and growth is being helped by the low cost of housing in Perth and proximity to Asia.  Farming in the south and south west of WA has a need for skilled agricultural workers as well as seasonal workers.

5) Darwin has also suffered from the stagnation in the mining industry, it’s not really the best place to go right now in terms of finding skilled work. There are always opportunities in hospitality, farming, health care and fishing. There is hope of a silver lining as the use fracking has now been approved in Western Australia and the NT, many jobs may be created in the near future.

6) Brisbane, is full of opportunities and is a busy capital city, tourism and construction are major employers, and business, government, agricultural, mining, education, health and the fishing sector are all in good shape. The possibility of finding work for new migrants is good, the city continue to grow as more and more Australian choose to live in Brisbane.

  • Australian Property

  1. Sydney is the most expensive in many cases twice as expensive as other major cities. The general view is the housing market is overvalue and there could be a negative market correction of as much as 10% to 25% in the coming year. Sydney is seen as soft market and this may be the time to start thinking of buying a home.

2) Melbourne also had a strong property market, however in recent month house prices are being discounted by up to 6 % and this situation may get worse. Caution is advised when buying, push the seller down as Melbourne is becoming a buyers’ market.

3) Adelaide has a slow property market is subdued and not expected to surprise anyone, there may be a modest growth or a flat market.

4) Perth seems to have bottomed out after its mining down turn, many properties have lost value of more than 20% during this period, and the forecast for 2018 and 2019 is set to show small increase however with gas projects in the North of Western Australia and some major infrastructure initiatives a strong recovery is predicted in 2020. There will never a better time to buy a property in Perth.

5) Darwin house market has not done well in recent years however there is optimism in the market and there is a view that this year may be the year that sellers will see their fortunes restored.

6) Brisbane is cheaper thank Sydney and is great for good value housing

We have not covered Tasmania or Canberra in our roundup, jobs are scarce and generally they are very small economies. We will review at another time.

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