Even though Melbourne is the second most expensive city in Australia to live in, there are plenty of ways to save on costs so that you do not feel as if you are broke all the time. Melbourne also offers plenty of job opportunities that will balance out the high costs of living.

Depending on your lifestyle habits, Melbourne can be an affordable city.
Here is a breakdown of cost of living in Melbourne for you to get a good idea of what it will cost you.


Accommodation is where most of your money will disappear to. Depending on your location, rental prices will be extremely high. For example, a one-bedroom apartment near the city centre will be around AUD 400. However, if you are willing to live even 15-30 minutes away from downtown, you will see prices drop around AUD 100 each week. Since public transportation is convenient, this is a good option if you are on a budget.


Keep in mind that services are usually separate from your rent cost. This will include gas, electricity and water. Depending on your living habits and the weather, prices will vary. However, you can count on spending over AUD 2000 per year combined.


Must people avoid driving cars due to the traffic jams, high fuel prices and high parking fees. Public transportation will cost around AUD 7 per day depending on what zone you live in. You will need to balance this monthly cost out and see if it is worth paying more for rent or transportation.


Melbourne food prices will depend highly on where you decide to eat. There are plenty of well-known restaurants that are not expensive, and you will be able to find many tasty local meals. An average meal at a restaurant may cost you around AUD 15 and tap beer at a pub is usually around AUD 5.

You can save by cooking and eating at home. There are many local markets that will offer the best price and fresh foods. You should expect to spend around AUD 100 per person for groceries including accessories such as personal care and laundry.