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The Working Holiday Maker programme has two types of visas: Working Holiday visa (Subclass 417) and Work and Holiday visa (Subclass 462) depending on your country of residence. … You can leave and re-enter Australia any number of times while the visa is valid.

Working Holiday Maker visa (sub-classes 417 and 462) initiatives to support northern Australia

Up to 12 months work with one employer in northern Australia

Discussed below is the 462 visa

An Australian Work And Holiday Visa, otherwise known as the 462 visa, allows young people from specific countries to holiday and work in Australia for up to a year.

Eligible countries for the visa are:


This is not to be mistaken for the Working Holiday 417 Visa, which is for a different list of countries. However, its other requirements are similar, for example, applicants must be at least 18 years old but not yet 31, they must not have a dependent child during their stay in Australia, and they must hold a passport from one of the eligible countries. There are also education, English language, and health and character requirements to be met, as well as the possibility of a letter of government support from your home country.

Aiming to increase closer ties to other countries, the Work And Holiday Visa enables holders to stay in Australia for up to 12 months, work in Australia for up to six months with each employer, study for up to four months and come in and out of the country as much as they please during the validity of the visa.