Australian Student Visa Types Explained: Numerous types of Australian student visas are available, each tailored to a certain field of study and duration of stay in the country, making it one of the most sought-after study abroad locations. While in Australia, students may work up to 20 hours a week and 40 hours a week during vacations. Anyone holding a student visa to Australia may bring their family members along as dependents, and they can all work part-time if they so like. Although it is not part of the student visa, international students in Australia are required to obtain health insurance. However, they have the option to apply for private insurance from other providers.

Types of student visas:

  1. Higher Education Sector visa(subclass 573)

Those who possess it are able to remain in Australia and pursue a degree program at an accredited university. In order to qualify for this visa, students must be pursuing a degree at the bachelor’s, associate’s, graduate certificate, master’s, or advanced diploma level.

  1. Postgraduate Research Sector visa(subclass 574)

Permits the holder to remain in Australia for the purpose of doing graduate-level research. This visa is only available to students who are officially pursuing a PhD or master’s degree via research.

  1. Independent ELICOS Sector visa(subclass 570)

Those who possess it are able to remain in Australia and attend an ELICOS program full-time. In order to qualify for this visa, students must be attending a school that is an approved ELICOS provider.

  1. Vocational Education and Training Sector visa(subclass 572)

Those who possess it are able to remain in Australia and pursue a full-time program of vocational education and training at a school like TAFE (Technical and Further Education) or one like it. Enrollment in an approved program of advanced diploma studies or vocational education and training is a requirement of this visa.

  1. Training and Research visa(subclass 402)

Permits its holders to engage in organized workplace training that is relevant to their present job, area of study, or area of competence; to enroll in an invitation-only professional development training program in Australia; and to participate in an invitation-only research project in Australia. Occupational trainees, professional managers or government officials, and professional academics are the only students eligible for this visa.

  1. Foreign Affairs or Defence Sector visa

The Australian Department of Defense and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade support full-time overseas students.

Except for students sponsored by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, all international students are required to provide information of their Confirmation of Enrollment (COE) in their visa application. COE is earned after students have been admitted to their preferred educational institutions. Before you can pay for your tuition, you need to make sure you have your student visa.

The online lodgement tool of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship is one option for students applying for a student visa, while registered education agents linked by their selected education providers are another. Along with the visa application, you’ll need to include documentation of your English language skills, evidence of your job experience, and any relevant academic or professional credentials.

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