Australian Student visa sub class 500 strategy for success

Why to study in Australia.

Behind the US and Great Britain Australia is the third major destination for International students who want to study in an English speaking country.

Australia is a friendly multi-cultural place. Australian have come from almost every country in the world. It is therefore culturally diverse and has a liberal culture.

There is rule of law and gender equality. Recently Australians voted for same sex marriage and now it is possible to marry a person from the same sex.

There is freedom of religion in Australia with Churches, mosques and temples in every city.

The Education standards in Australia are world class.

What should students beware of before coming to Australia?

If you are preparing to come to Australia then return home then you should pick a degree in high demand in your country of origin.

If you are planning to stay in Australia then check out the skills register. Make sure you get good advice from a registered migration agent.

The register is constantly changing. It shows short-term skills shortages as well as long term shortages.

An example would be the health sector. Australia has an aging population, as people grow older then they will require more health care. Conclusion this is a good sector for future jobs.

Which city is the best to live in for a student?

Sydney and Melbourne are expensive.

Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide have affordable housing and a lower cost of living.

Where should a student look for a job?

Study in Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide and then find a job in Sydney and Melbourne.

That is not to say there are no jobs in Brisbane in Perth, things are on the up and up in Perth and Brisbane in the Tourism and student sector. The agriculture sector is also in good shape as Asian markets open up for Australian agricultural products. Adelaide is not having a good moment in terms of jobs as traditional jobs in manufacturing have migrated abroad.

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