Relative Visas

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Bringing relatives into Australia is a significant factor for many who are applying to Australia. It is especially important for those who have elderly family members they are taking care of. You can apply to a number of relative visas to allow your relative to enter and stay in Australia.

Aged Dependent Relative 

This visa is meant for older people to be able to migrate to Australia as long as there is an eligible relative in Australia who is providing financial support. It is a permanent visa that allows you to stay in Australia indefinitely and apply for Australian citizenship. Your sponsor will need to be 18 years and older and settled in Australia as an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

Remaining Relative

If your only near relatives are living in Australia, you may apply for this visa to live in Australia as a permanent resident. This means you will be allowed to stay in Australia indefinitely and can apply for Australian citizenship. You will also be authorized to travel to and from Australia for up to five years. You can also include family (your partner or you or your partner’s dependent children) in this visa application. They must also meet all the requirements necessary for this visa and have documentary evidence of their relationship with the primary applicant.

You must have a sponsor in Australia, and it must be someone in your near family. This will include a parent, brother, sister, stepbrother or stepsister or one of their partners. They will also need to agree to give you financial support and accommodation for at least the first two years of your residency.