Australian Migration policy, should new migrants worry?

The present Liberal and Nationalist party is now proposing a reduction in Migration intake into Australia.
They also blame the traffic congestion, and many other social issues on the fact the immigrants are the cause of Australia current problem.

  1. Poor educating and lack of education
  2. Not enough roads
  3. Not enough railway line
  4. Not enough schools in the right place

Australian’s voted for Labour

In the Wentworth Election, this extreme right-wing government decided to back a move of the Australian embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. The reason,was that Wentworth has a Jewish population, and so Mr. Morrison hoped they would get a win. They lost. Even the Jewish Australian voters are embarrassed by the present government. Australian neighbours are concerned at this change in foreign policy.
The Victoria state election returned a Labour government, a clear indication that middle Australia is fed-up of this divisive government.

Skilled migration is essential if Australia is to have a strong economy.

Australia needs skills, or its economy will have problems growing, there are skill shortages that the Australian education and training process cannot deliver.
Rest assured, that Australian business and middle Australia will not let the present government hurt Australia’s economy any further than the next election.

Good man ousted

Middle Australian are people like Mr.Turnbull who unfortunately was ousted as the prime minister recently, the civil war within the Liberal and National party continues. Most of Australia regrets as to the thoughtless remarks made by ministers in the hope that Australian shares their views. They are not.

No need to worry

So should you worry if you were planning to make Australia home, you should not, Australia is, it has a strong economy and will need skills new migrants and their skills. The nature of migration to Australia is a good thing. Skilled migrants help build a great Australia, the majority of Australian voted for Multi-cultural Australia in the Victorian election. Ensuring that a strong message has been sent to the present federal government saying they must change their ways or lose power.

Australia has a strong growing economy

Australia has a strong economy and a liberal, caring population who want to see harmony in their country. The next election will show that Australia will vote for a change and bring an excellent recovery to Australian politics.

Australian is fully commited to a Multi-cultural, society, with freedom of religion and rule of law.

Australia remains a liberal democracy which is multi-cultural, and all religions are welcome.
Migrants from any country are welcome if they have the right skills. The selection process is fair, and you can expect to be allowed to live, work and stay if you have the skills necessary to make Australia great.
Is Australia clogged due to too many migrants coming to Australia?

Why are there infrastructure problems?

The answer is no, the problems with the current infrastructure are primarily due to a lack of long-term planning by successive governments.
There is also a problem in that many new migrants to Sydney and Melbourne are Australians looking for work due to the mining and manufacturing recession. This fact together with natural population growth have This is one reason Australia will need more skilled migrants who have the skills to grow and develop Australia