Here are the Australian migration changes: The Australian government has been planning a major revision of the country’s skilled migration scheme for a while now. Therefore, we expect to hear about the transfer plan before the end of the year.

Australian Migration Changes You Must Know: Labour Market Testing (LMT)

Information on recently announced major policy developments will be available in the Migration Strategy. Introducing tiers into the Temporary Skilled Migration Programme is one example of such a change. Other modifications include making labour market testing (LMT) and skilled occupation testing less onerous and rigid.

It’s common knowledge that visa sponsors must first conduct local recruitment for open positions before approving visa sponsorship for foreign nationals. Therefore, changing such limitations will enable faster recruitment of individuals for employment in Australia.

The need to revise the LMT requirements for Subclass 482 visas has become more apparent in recent weeks and months. The mobility clauses of the Australia-UK Trade Agreement have been the subject of much debate.

The department, thankfully, has already considered all the relevant details. The department has started accepting candidates holding British passports without requiring them to demonstrate language proficiency in the target language (LMT).

Australian Migration Changes You Must Know for UK Passport Holders

This means that British citizens seeking a TSS 482 visa won’t have to pay LMT. Find out more about this, as well as the most recent developments in the area of LMT exemptions for foreign nationals subject to international trade commitments.

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