Australia Visa Agent for Same Sex Partner Visas: Would you want to go to Australia as a homosexual couple? As of December 9th, 2017, the procedure is the same for you as it is for heterosexual couples.

In this article, we will examine the details of the Australian same-sex partner visa application process.

Australia Visa Agent for Same Sex Partner Visas: the Process

You need to apply for both the temporary visa and the permanent visa in one application if you want to lodge a Same Sex Partner Visa. Put simply, you need to submit an application for both the 820 and 801 partner visas at the same time.

A combination of the 309 and 100 partner visas may be necessary if your intended beneficiary is located outside of the country at the time of application submission.

In order to apply for the first visas – 820 and 309 – you must meet the below requirements:

De Facto Partners:

  1. An eligible individual, usually your partner, must sponsor you.
  2. Neither you nor your de facto partner may be a member of your immediate family, and you must both be 18 or older when you apply for the visa.
  3. Prove your relationship is genuine and continuing
  4. Proof that the partnership has lasted for a minimum of twelve months.
  5. Complete all personal health and character development tasks.

For Spouses:

  1. An eligible individual must sponsor you.
  2. To be eligible for a sponsor, you need to be legally married to your spouse.
  3. Proof that you and your spouse are fully committed to each other in your role as partners.
  4. Complete all personal health and character development tasks.

From Partner Visa to Permanent Residency in Australia

You may apply for one of the temporary partner visas if you’ve already fulfilled the basic requirements. Until the US Department of Homeland Security decides on your permanent visa application (for the 801 or 100 visa), this will remain valid. Depending on how well you maintain the aforementioned standards, this might take anywhere from six months to a year following your initial applications for the two visas.

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