Because of the Corona epidemic, there was a significant decline in the number of people arriving from other countries. This is something that everyone is aware of. The travel restrictions imposed by Australia because of the Coronavirus greatly impacted the tourist sector. As a matter of fact, the restrictions on travel were put into effect to safeguard the country. We may have forgotten that 19 thousand people perished because of Corona only a few short years ago. The good news is that things have significantly improved. Now Australia Receives Pre-Pandemic Level International Arrivals.

Good News: Australia Receives Pre-Pandemic Level International Arrivals

International visitors to Australia have returned to pre-pandemic levels, which is terrific news after many years of economic hardship. There were 1.38 million arrivals in February 2023, significantly more than the 270,000 the year before. Australia’s 1.38 million annual overseas visitors are tourists, skilled workers, and others entering the country on various visa types. This is excellent news regarding the pool of workers whose qualifications are recognised worldwide.

Efficient migration programmes for skilled workers

Once again, employers may use the migration programme to fill in-demand jobs with qualified foreign employees. One reason is the short turnaround time for processing 482 TSS visas—sometimes as little as a week. The government is also looking at ways to simplify the visa application procedure as part of its ongoing migration review. Accessing the global talent pool for high-demand jobs is more accessible and takes less time than it used to.

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We will inform you of any developments affecting the migration review in the coming months. If you’re interested in learning more, follow Interstaff on LinkedIn. You can find new information on a few upcoming developments that have previously been announced:

  • Methodology for 2023 visa prioritisation based on professional qualifications 
  • The 482 current Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) visa holders who are in a “regional” profession have a new permanent residence option. 
  • Modifications to Work Permissions for Students, Graduates, and Visitors on Working Holidays, Effective July 1, 2023

You’ll have better opportunities.

The lack of travel restrictions has proven to be fortunate for you, whether you want to come to Australia for business or further education. Legal visa entry into Australia is easier to get than ever before. Several improvements to Australia’s immigration system have recently been implemented. There have been and will be more changes in the visa system, so it is time to ensure you are up-to-date. Now all willl be better as Australia Receives Pre-Pandemic Level International Arrivals.

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