Australia is not a racist country and the majority of Australian are ashamed of Mr Dutton’s comments.

The Prime minister of Australia Mr Malcolm Turnbull has distanced himself from comments made by his right wing minister Peter Dutton’s offer to help White South African farmers.

White South African farmers distance themselves from Mr Dutton’s comments

Many South African Farmers distanced themselves from comments made by the Australian Home Affairs Minister Mr Dutton.

Many Australian were embarrassed by the minister’s comments.

His comments about refuges not speaking English were also shameful and offensive to many Australians who are not from a English speaking background.

Australia is fair to all

Australian continue to have a fair Migration policy and there is no returning the white Australia policy.

Australia continues to be home to many religions and culture all people from no matter what their color religion or ethnicity are welcome to Australia if the qualify under the current migration legislation.

There have been suggestions that if Mr Dutton has made a valid case for South African farmers then Myanmar Rohingya people should be ahead of the South African queue .