Free initial migration assessment for Australia.

Australia has a working holiday arrangement with the countries above so why not come and try our living and working in Australia whilst you holiday.

Australia is targeting German, Swedish, Norwegian and Dutch nurses and doctors

Australia law is fair and transparent if you have the right skills you will have an equal opportunity in being able to enter Australia to work or train.

Great weather

Come to Australia and enjoy our sunny life style, and wonderful work conditions.

Lot of growth in Health care

Australia has an aging population and so has an expanding heath care sector and so a well-paid carer, nurses can earn AU $65000 basic and often earn 90k per year with allowances. Doctors can expect to earn $200k a year.

Jobs are available in every state in Australia from the cooler south to the tropical north

Types of skilled and training visas

The visas below are available to people who qualify in terms of education and skills or wish to be trained in a particular skill.

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Skilled and experienced migration agent

Our migration agents are skilled and experience in Australian migration law.

Please note migrating to Australia is an expensive process, you will have to pay for your migration agent’s service, the Australian government charges a visa fee. You will need your airfare and early accommodation cost.

Please email our migration agent in Perth or our migration agent in Brisbane for a free consultation.