Australia Carer Visa Subclass 116 for Migrants: To be eligible for this subclass 116 Carer visa, applicants must have a relative residing in Australia with a long-term or permanent medical condition, or they must be helping a relative take care of a family member with a long-term or permanent medical condition.

A Person might be eligible for this Carer visa subclass 116 for the following reasons

  • That an Australian relative of yours need care because of a chronic or life-altering illness
  • A suitable medical authority has scheduled an evaluation with your relative.
  • That no one else in all of Australia is qualified to provide the necessary care or support.
  • The caregiver must be competent and eager to help your loved one.
  • A family or partner of the individual in need of care must sponsor them. ​

A permanent resident visa, such as this subclass 116 career visa, permits the holder and their immediate family to remain in Australia permanently. Although it is not an automatic procedure, the individual has the option to become an Australian citizen at a later date by submitting an application for citizenship. As a permanent resident for five years from the date of issuance, the individual may travel to and from Australia with this Carer visa subclass 116. The individual will be need to reapply for a visa in order to return to Australia after this duration.

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