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Visa requirements for Australia

Basic visa requirements to work in Australia are:

1) An applicant’s English language must be to a very high standard

2) An applicant must have qualification and work experience that are required by the skilled list.

3) An applicant need to be health and will be examined by health care professional. The aim is to ensure that health care costs do not become a burden to the Australian health care System

4) Character is an important requirements, police clearance is necessary.  A criminal record is not always a problem, a conviction for a minor drug offence when a teenager will be scrutinized but may not be an impediment to getting a visa to Australia.

5) It will be necessary to sign an Australian values statement that means you will respect the lays of Australia and its values.

If you have a job offer from an employer then you may be able to get a temporary or permanent residency visa.

The most common temporary visa is the Temporary work (skilled) visa, this is used by Employers to sponsor people for a stay of 4 years.

Another option is the Employer Nominated Scheme visa, this is for people who have a skill that cannot be found in Australia. This is a permanent visa.

Ask a Perth migration agent which visa is best for you Which visa do you apply for when you do not have a job offer?

The Skill Select scheme may provide a path way to living and working in Australia.

There are three things you need to have:

  • The applicant must have professionally recognized qualification
  • It is necessary to pass an English test ( unless they come from a English speaking country like Ireland or Great Britain)
  • All the applicants personal data must be entered on the SkillSelect database.

Based on what qualification are required at the time within Australia applicants are asked to apply for a visa. The entry remain on the database for 2 years, it is accessible to the Australian government and Australian Employers.

Working holiday visa (417)

This visa allows young people from eligible countries to work and stay in Australia for up to 12 months.

Applicants must be 18 or over and under 31 years old.

They must not have dependents accompanying them.

The applicant must have a passport from an eligible country.

These visas can be obtained electronically.

There is a scheme whereby visa holder can extend their stay by 12 months by working for three months in farms in rural Australia. It is necessary to have you work properly documented and you should have payslips to prove you have indeed done the appropriate farm work. The holders of a 417 visa can only work for 6 months in one place of employment.