Schools in Brisbane

For anyone considering moving their family to Brisbane your top priority is going to be finding a school for your children. You may have already read our best places to live in Brisbane with a family post and decided on which Brisbane suburb is for you.

Which suburb in Brisbane

In the popular expat suburb of Holland Park (slightly more affordable than its London counterpart) you will find excellent primary schools such as

This area also boast fantastic private schools should your budget permit.

Both Brisbane North and South suburbs have a lot of choice.

Bulimba is great for both independent and Catholic schools in single sex environments, however their state run schools are mostly coeducational. Both Brisbane’s Northern and Southern suburbs boast a great variety of primary and secondary schools.

Check out if you need to pay school fees

Again, Graceville is also a great location for both primary and secondary state schools. It’s worth baring in mind that you may also face school fees for international students in the state of Queensland. However, if you’re being relocated by a company it may well be worth asking if they are willing to cover your child’s school fees as a typical school fee for a year 6 student is $12632 for the year. You can find out more about school fees at Education Queensland International.



If your children are of high school age, you’ll be pleased to hear that Brisbane is home to some top ranking high schools – both state and private. You can find a list of Brisbane’s highest ranking state high schools here. It is also possible to take an International Baccalaureate (IB) in Australia – a widely recognised pre-university qualification – much like A-Levels meaning your child will have the qualifications to apply for a university back in the UK or Europe with no issues should they wish to relocate later on.

Higher Education

For higher education, Brisbane is also home to some excellent universities including the University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology, Griffith University and the Australian Catholic University meaning there’s great education options no matter how young or old your family members are.