Affordable Housing Perth in Western Australia

Affordable Housing Perth in Western Australia. There has never been a better time to migrate to Western Australia, house prices are at an all-time low, the economy is recovering after the collapse in mineral prices specifically Iron Ore and major commodity.

Tourism is on the up and up and also the agricultural sector is growing, helped by a week Australian dollar. Perth Is now a major destination for Chinese tours who cannot get enough of Australian hospitality and open spaces.

Perth has some expensive areas and also has its cheaper areas, It’s important to research where you want to live in relation to where you study and or work, the cost of food and transport can make cheaper rent irrelevant so be careful, good informed research is needed.

The items that absorb most of the cash are rent, transport and food so let’s examine these in more details.


A one bedroom flat in, East Perth, Northbridge, Wembley or West Perth can cost from $240 to $325 per week

A two bedroom flat in South Perth can cost from $325 to $425 per week, there are more expensive option available, and there are plenty of newly built apartments with great views and life style services, like pools and Gyms, the cost of these range from $400 to $550 per week

It is worth considering renting a whole house, for three people a house close to the Perth, in areas like Subiaco, or Wembley can cost around $500 per week each and can be more cost effective than living in an apartment. In the outer suburbs like Morley 3 or 4 bedroom houses can cost as little as $400 a week to rent, however you need to factor in transport and time spent travelling and above all safety.

If you are prepared to commute by train then Mandurah and Rockingham are great places to live. Three bedroom houses with a garden and parking for two cars can cost as little as $250 per week. There are also bargains to be had in Suburbs like Armadale.

Travel and transport in Perth

Reasonable second hand cars can cost from $2500 to $4000, but be careful when you purchase, make sure you have a friend who understands cars, or take the car into a garage for a quick look over.

Our advice buy a small car which is not too old.

The cost of unleaded Petrol in Perth is around $1.25 per litre, on certain days it’s cheaper.

Perth has a good suburban railway network as well as a bus service, in the inner city transport is free on the CAT services

Most of the coastal suburbs like Cottesloe and Scarborough are not serviced by rail, however there is a good and regular bus service.

Towns such as Fremantle and Rockingham which are by the sea are serviced by rail


The cost of a cheap meal out from a fast food restaurant or food hall will cost between $8 and $15.

When shopping in a supermarket, be aware red meats are expensive, look for the price per Kilo, chicken is usually a good cost effective purchase.

The cost of fruit and vegetables is usually high in big brand supermarkets, there are farmer market and one can save as much as 50% if you purchase from these markets.

There are many Asian shops in Perth and its suburbs where the price of foods such as Rice and lentils are well below that of the Supermarkets so the key is to shop around, Perth is not expensive, and to get the best prices you will have to look around the city for good retail outlets that are price sensitive.

When shopping at Coles or Woolworths saving can be made by purchasing the stores own brand items.

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