Affordable International Student Accommodation in Brisbane

Brisbane is a popular destination for international students wanting to study in Australia. It attracts international students in their droves due to it’s fantastic universities as well as the student lifestyle in Brisbane.


It can be daunting moving to a new city to study, let alone a new country to study, but Brisbane offers fantastic student accommodation options for international students.


There are options for all international students no matter what your budget is, but here’s a look at the best student accommodation options for international students in Brisbane.


Living on Campus

Living on campus is a great option for international students. Some Brisbane universities offer student accommodation on site in the form of apartments or dorms. This a great option if you want to live near to where you’re studying and get involved in student life, including all the extracurricular activities available. You’ll also find this option great for meeting other international students in the same boat as you!


International Residence

This is specifically for international students and will usually include a single room that you can also study in as well as meals provided in a shared dining hall – again a great option for meeting other students and getting in the mix of things.

Renting a house or flat share

Some students prefer to get a house share or live alone. This allows you a certain amount of freedom to live with both students and non students and suits those with larger budgets.


Home Stay

Opting for a home stay is a great way to live as the Aussies do as you’ll live with an Australian family in their own home. This is great for those who like family life and want a surrogate family whilst studying overseas in Australia. It will also ensure you have a little more emotional support whilst in a new country.


Youth Hostels and Backpackers

Possibly the cheapest option, staying at a Youth Hostel or backpackers is a great way to meet lots of people travelling who are all new to the country. It’s also a great way to find your feet in the first few weeks. In this type of accommodation you’ll sleep in a shared dorm as well as share communal areas as well as share a bathroom. However, it’s a great cost effective option whilst looking for more permanent accommodation in Brisbane.


Once you’ve got your confirmation of enrollment you will be able to apply for a student visa to study and work part time providing you are enrolled on a full time course. To find out more about applying for a student visa for Australia you should speak to a Brisbane recruitment agent. Once you’ve got your place at a Brisbane university it’s well worth contacting their accommodation or admissions team to enquire about student accommodation in Brisbane.