Additional Occupations Eligible for Skilled Migration to WA: The Australian government has expanded the Western Australian Skilled Migration Occupation List (WASMOL) by 134 jobs, making it easier for those with Temporary Skilled Visas who are currently in Australia to apply for Permanent Residence (PR) to live and work in Western Australia.

What is all about Skilled Migration to WA?

New Eligible Occupations to Skilled Migration to WA:

One of the following visas may make a person eligible for WA State Nomination if their profession is on the WASMOL:

  • Subclass 190 Skilled Nominated Visa
  • Subclass 491 Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Visa

With the addition of Schedules 1 and 2, the WASMOL now includes a new Schedule of vocations.

The Washington State Nomination programme has expanded the list of jobs that may qualify for permanent residency to include geologists, mechanical engineering technicians, chefs, and cooks.

More Occupations Eligible for Skilled Migration to WA

The Visa Requirements:

Individuals must fulfill the following requirement:

  • To get a visa, one must first satisfy the criteria set forth by the Department of Home Affairs.
  • Must live in Australia at the moment
  • If your job title is “Manager” or “Professional,” you are required to speak and understand English well.
  • Ability to communicate in English at a “competent” level is necessary for all other jobs.
  • Hold a full-time work offer letter valid for 12 months at market rates, confirming payment upon completion of all company conditions.
  • Must be able to afford a permanent residence in Washington

Additional qualifications that individuals holding occupations on WASMOL Schedule 1 must satisfy are:

  • Within the previous decade, you must have worked in the specified profession for at least one year in Australia.A minimum of three years of relevant work experience gained internationally during the past decade

Only after receiving one’s qualification may one’s job experience be considered legitimate. It also has to be a paid job with at least 20 hours each week.

The Expression of Interest and Application Process:

To apply for a State/Territory Nominated Skilled Visa, a person must first:

  1. Gather evidence for several Points-tested requirements
  2. Lodge an Expression of Interest
  3. Obtain Nomination from the State/Territory Government
  4. Receive an Invitation to apply for a visa from the Commonwealth Government

Candidates may get points based on their age, education, job experience, English proficiency, and regional work (if relevant). If appropriate, their partners can also earn points based on their age, skills, and English proficiency.

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