8 Reasons to for international students to Study in Brisbane

It can be tough to decide which city to study in when choosing your degree in Australia. Each city offers a unique lifestyle, but being a popular destination with world-ranked education providers, we take a look at a few reasons why you should study in Brisbane.

  1. The Sunshine State

Brisbane is in Queensland – also known as the Sunshine State. In Brisbane you can expect an average of 300 days per year. Summertime in Brisbane sees sub-tropical humid days with wild, afternoon storms, whereas in winter the mercury barely dips below 20 C. Spring and autumn are some of the best times in the city.

  1. Affordability for Students in Brisbane

Surprisingly, you get quite a lot of bang for your buck in Brisbane with it being one of the most affordable cities in Australia for students. From transport to meals out you can expect fantastic quality with your money going a little bit further than in other major cities in Australia.

  1. Student Accommodation in Brisbane

Brisbane is built for students, meaning you can expect in great student accommodation whilst studying in Brisbane. You’ll find student accommodation near to the major education institutions.

  1.   World-class Higher Education

International students wanting to study in Australia can study at world-renowned institutions such as the University of Queensland, Griffith University or the University of Technology. All these institutions offer world recognised qualifications which aid students finding a job after completing their studies.

  5.   Bucket List Destinations

Queensland is one of the most diverse states in Australia which means weekends away and end of term breaks can be as epic as you choose them to be. From exploring the Daintree Rainforest to snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef or 4WD adventures on Fraser Island, Queensland really is your oyster when it comes to adventure.


  1. Transport in Brisbane

Brisbane is super easy to get around with students getting a 50% discount on local public transport. Students also get 25% off bike hire with the City Cycle scheme – all aiding the affordability for students in Brisbane.


  1. Art is Brisbane

Brisbane is a fantastic city for art loves, where you’ll find galleries such as the Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art – Australia’s biggest Gallery of Modern Art, amongst other smaller galleries and theatres.


  1. Brisbane is Eco Friendly

Did you know, Brisbane is actually one of the most sustainable cities in the world? With over 2000 parks and housing over 2500 species of critter it has the highest level of biodiversity in Australia.