Moving to Brisbane with your family

Brisbane is a popular choice when it comes to expats wanting to emigrate to Australia. With its year round sunny climate (how does being the Capital of the Sunshine State, Queensland sound to you?) it offers a fantastic lifestyle for families wanting to relocate to Australia.

What To Expect When you move to Brisbane

“Brizzie” as it is affectionately called by the Aussies, offers a very outdoor lifestyle. The stunning Brisbane River is at the heart of the city as it winds its way through the modern, urban architecture. For a fun day trip out of the city you can enjoy the famous coastal haunts of the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast (sound dreamy don’t they?). Brisbane is however famous for its man-made beach and lagoon in the heart of the city at South Bank Parklands where you can take a dip to cool down most of the year.

Where to live in Brisbane

You’ll want to do your research when it comes to choosing where to live in Brisbane. It may be convenient to live near the city for work, however, like any country, it’s going to cost you for the convenience. Relocating to the Brisbane suburbs will stand you in good stead if you have a family. Brisbane also offers great healthcare and for those moving to Australia with their families, you’ll need to get acquainted with the slightly different schooling system to the UK.

Kindy / kindergarten is a non-compulsory early education program for children before they start school – much like nursery but quite structured. Prep is the next stage and is the first stage of school. To attend a child must be 5 by the 30th June in the year that they enrol.  You can find out more about schooling in Queensland here. The school year runs completely differently to the UK with the new school year starting in January and finishing in December meaning the long summer break falls over Christmas.

Brisbane also offers fantastic higher education, so no matter how long you’re planning on staying in Brisbane your children can be assured a first class education.

Some of the best suburbs to live in for families wanting to relocate to Brisbane include Victoria Point, Holland Park, Wilston, Graceville and Bulimba – all of which boast great schooling options.