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When you move to Perth you will need to know where best to live.


You should consider the price and availability of housing. The inner suburbs of Perth can be expensive, these are suburbs like Subiaco, Leederville,   Northbridge, East Perth and West Perth.

A little further out of Perth are suburbs like Wembley, Claremont, these are nice places to live and its not long commute to the city.

If budget is a real issue, and you are prepared to travel then Rockingham, Armadale and canning Vale are good options.

Cheaper suburbs in the north of Perth care Morley, Dianella and Balcatta.

Some of the suburbs not near Perth but desirable and expensive are Fremantle, Cottesloe and Scarborough and Hillarie’s.



Perth has only recently enjoyed a state of the art railway line. The trains run from Mandurah in the South to Joondalup in the north. Many of the Eastern suburbs like Midlands and Armadale are also like to the city by rail.

Fremantle is linked by rails to Perth City and is only 25 minutes away.


Perth has very good road transport buses go to every suburb and the transport system is reliable and efficient.


Perth has several freeways that link the suburbs to the Perth. There is a motorway running from Bunbury to Joondalup. However the main roads are often blocked during rush hour and it can be a painful drive into and out of Perth at certain times.

Shopping in Perth

The majority of Perth is services by big shopping centers, like the Mandurah Forum, or the Rockingham shopping center. There is also Garden city, and the massive Joondalup shopping centre.

Most suburbs are close to a big shopping center with easy parking, they are often air conditioned   and smaller shopping centers have suffered as more and more large shopping centers are opened.