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Perth is a great place to live, ask any migration agent who has successfully placed people in the amazing city. Perth is the most relaxed city in Australia according to many and has one of the best lifestyles imaginable.

New Migrant health care

For many people migrating to Perth one of the checklist items to take care of is medical and health, especially if the move is for a family. Sure basic travel insurance would cover many things on a short visit to Perth but what does one need to know when migrating to Perth and living a life in the vibrant and growing city.

Australia’s Health care system

Australia has a superb public healthcare system called Medicare and anyone with Permanent residence in Australia has access to this. Medicare is a proven and trusted medical system and for those who have permanent visas it offers tremendous peace of mind. Medicare covers most essentials appointment costs and generally has a small co-payment of under 10AUD thus it is tremendously affordable.

Reciprocal healthcare program

However, many new arrivals to Perth and Australia do not have the necessary credentials , especially those on temporary visas. If you have a reciprocal healthcare program in your home country, many expats can take advantage of Medicare. Countries with reciprocal agreements include Australia: Belgium, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Slovenia, Sweden, and the UK.

There are a number of private medical options available for people migrating to Perth but if you find yourself in Perth with no access to Medicare and without private cover do not despair. There are numerous options open to you that again make Perth one of the best places to move to and live.

In Perth if you have an accident or medical emergency just dial 000 from any phone. For more minor medical matters there is a 24/7 helpline on 1800 022 222 that is manned by qualified nurses.

For clinics and hospitals a this list will prove useful however most of these will be private hospitals and may require cash payment.

Dentistry is often overlooked when migrating to Perth. Perth has some excellent dentists, many of the expats and a list of these can be found on the Department of Health website

Perth has a an excellent network of doctors, dentists, medical centers and hospitals. As the city has grown the health care services have also grown and thus Perth has become one of the best places in Australia to start a new life and prosper.

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