10 reasons to migrate to Australia

  1. Multi cultural, nearly a 1/3 of Australian are not of An Anglo heritage.
  2. Religious freedom, Muslims, Christian, Buddhist, Hindus what ever your religion you are welcome to live in Australia
  3. Equality for women, at home and at work
  4. World class education for your children
  5. You will eventually become a citizen of a world class economy.
  6. Australia is so large you can find a climate you like.
  7. If Asia is home move to Darwin or Perth gateway cities to Asia
  8. If you have the skills Australia needs you will have a easy passage in the migration process to become a Australian citizen
  9. Gay or Lesbian you are welcome to Australia, you will be respected and you can bring your partner with you. 
  10. Although Australia is a developed economy it has massive resources and will continue to grow for a long time.

Skilled migration list for Australia it is essential to keep abrest of change in the skilled list, this is because